About Us

Barefoot Runners are a community of people who all share the same passion in life.

We want to connect with others, who enjoy both natural running, as well as minimal running.

In doing so, we have built up friendships, a community and a camaraderie.

It has helped to foster a sense of purpose between us, as well as the simpler and much more human desire, of getting together to share something that we all love.

There are many barefoot running groups around the globe and we all share in the same hobby, with a passion.

Recently, we participated in International Barefoot Running Day. This was a global event, held in May 2018.

We were pleased to see so much of the world united to come together, to celebrate this shared pleasure.

Events took place all over the globe, from India to Australia and Europe.



We help to inform people about the science behind barefoot running.

We help to promote barefoot running as a competitive and professional event worldwide.

We aim to promote barefoot running as a hobby and a pastime, for anyone who may want to join in.

We help to break down the myths about barefoot running.

We offer support and advice to other barefoot runners.

We help to promote safe barefoot running.



We are a charitable organisation. We do not make a profit or pay ourselves a wage.

We are reliant on contributions, for the costs of maintaining our website and networks.

We are an entirely voluntary organisation, with no corporate sponsorship.

Any advice we publish is independent and not aligned to any other organisation.

We do not pay our bloggers for their contributions and any opinions expressed in our website are our authors’ own.

To get involved further or to find out more, check our Facebook page out and join in the discussion!