International Barefoot Running Day

All across the globe, events took place celebrating International Barefoot Running Day.

From Portland to Mumbai, from California, to Australia, all over the four corners of the globe, people were running barefoot!

Here, we have just a few of the participants who threw aside their running shoes and joined in on May 6th this year.

Some were asking their friends and families for sponsorship, for charity. Others just made the decision last minute to take off their shoes and start running!


To foster solidarity with other barefoot runners.

To support a sport we enjoy.

To raise the profile of barefoot running globally.

To have a lot a fun.


HOST: Pinkathon Chembur Group



SET OFF: 5.45 am



This was my first ever barefoot running event and I was really excited to take part.

I was one of the many runners in this run. There were a lot of events which were organised to take place in Mumbai.

All attracted runners from all over the city and the country!

Because the runs all started and ended at different times, from different places and were all differing lengths, it gave everyone a chance to get involved – whoever they were and however far they wanted to run.

The run I was on was one of the shorter ones – but 2k still felt like far enough on the day.

The support from the people cheering me on really helped to spur me on and get to the finish line.

Even though I was drenched in sweat, this was so much fun, I didn’t want to stop even when I made it through the finishing line!

Next year I am definitely doing this again and might even go for one of the longer events!

HOST: Hong Kong Barefoot Running Group

COUNTRY: Hong Kong, China

LOCATION: Tsuen Wan West​

SET OFF: 8 am



I took part in the 10K event in Hong Kong this May.

It was a last minute decision to take part and not one I regret!

The only thing I will do different is to prepare mentally better before next time. Although I am used to barefoot running, I’ve never done a 10K!

I would advise that anyone taking part does a bit more preparation than I did.

HOST: BRS Portland


LOCATION: Portland, Oregon

SET OFF: 1pm

DISTANCE: Voluntary

RUNNER: Travis

The weather was on our side, not that would have stopped us otherwise.

With absolutely no pressure to run any distance, except as far as our hearts (and soles!!) contented us, this was great afternoon for all.

Like so many who took part in this great event, this was my first International Barefoot Running Day event.

Expect more next year!

Are you interested in planning an event for next May?

Although the date of the next International Barefoot Running Day has yet to be announced, it is never too soon to start thinking about it!

We will announce next year’s event date as soon as it has been confirmed.